February 8, 2013

Head to Tumblr for my blog!

Hello All!...or more accurately the three people out there reading this...

So, I decided to switch my blogging platform over to tumblr. I don't know what it is about tumblr, maybe it's all the fancy gifs, but I really enjoy the platform for blogging. I'm going to guess it's because over here on blogspot I feel the need to be super wordy and explain my thoughts. As an artist, it's easier for me to SHOW how I feel without all the text. Soooo, if you actually want to see my blog, head on over to my tumblr.

MyMalloryGallery and look at all my randomness over there.

A side note, if you are looking for any of my custom toy creations, just to let you know, I have taken a break from those for a while. Custom toys are really just my hobby and unfortunately I just don't have the time for them at the moment because I'm busy with career stuff. I'll be sure and update as soon as I resume them though. Thanks!


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